No.827 Creepy Crawlies






Fred, Katia and Todd discuss cockroaches centipedes, and other creepy creatures.


Todd: I thought we would talk about insects. So, I warned you when you guys came over to this place that my apartment has cockroaches, spiders, and centipedes.

Katia: Centipedes. It’s my only problem.

Todd: Really! Centipedes. Why? Because they look scary?

Katia: No, I just… all the hundred legs that they have. It’s a little bit scary. Snakes are OK. Spiders is OK.

Todd: Oh, really, you don’t mind snakes?

Katia: Mm-hm.

Todd: See I think snakes are much freakier.

Fred: Yeah, I think snakes can be pretty freaky as well, but I think centipedes are scary because of the fact that if they bite you, then it becomes dangerous.

Katia: And you never know where they are, and they’re small. You don’t know where is the front, where is the back, and all the legs "sch-sch-sch-sch".

Todd: I know. I know. Yeah, there’re kind of… actually, I have to hang my clothes on a hanger because it’s… If I hang them on a hanger, the light goes through the clothes, and I can see if they’re in there or not.

Katia: Ooh!

Todd: Well, because this place is by the woods so, yeah, there’s more I think.

Fred: OK, cockroaches. I used to be really afraid of cockroaches. I thought they were the most disgusting little insects, but living here, they’re just everywhere, that you kind of get used to them and sure, no problem anymore. I don’t feel so uncomfortable around them.

Todd: Wow!

Katia: Nature is smart. There’s always a reason why cockroaches exist, why spiders exist.

Todd: That’s true.

Fred: Oh, thats a good point. Spiders in your house will take care of the cockroaches, but the cockroaches will take care of the smaller spiders, or the smaller little pieces of food that might be on your floor or little things.

Katia: There you go.

Fred: It’s the chain. It’s the food chain.

Todd: So you’re saying you don’t have to vacuum basically.

Katia: No, you just…

Todd: Cockroaches take care of it for you.

Fred: Is that what I’m saying?



much freakier

I think snakes are much freakier.

‘Freaky’ things scare us.  Notice the following:

  1. That was a freaky movie!
  2. I think cockroaches are way freakier than spiders.


Fred thinks cockroaches are the most disgusting little insects.

Something or someone who is ‘disgusting’ gives us a strong negative feeling.  Notice the following:

  1. I think snakes are disgusting!
  2. His behavior was truly disgusting.

take care of

Spiders in your house will take care of the cockroaches.

We ‘take care’ of a problem by solving it.  In this case the spiders will kill the cockroaches.  Notice the following:

  1. Having a dog takes care of security.
  2. My boss asked me to take care of it.

There you go

Katia says there you go.

We use the phrase ‘there you go’ when somebody makes a statement we agree with.  Notice the following:

  1. There you go. You’ve got it!
  2. There you go. My feeling exactly.

the food chain

It’s the food chain, cockroaches will take care of smaller spiders.

We use the term ‘food chain’ to talk about how certain animals eat other animals.  Notice the following:

  1. Lions and tigers are high on the food chain.
  2. Sharks and killer whales are at the top of the ocean food chain.

Learn more!

freakier • disgusting • take care of
there you go • food chain
  1. That food looks really .
  2. If sharks became vegetarian it would really change the .
  3. Nothing is than a clown.  I hate them.
  4. I thought that cleaning the house would of the smell, but it didn't help.
  5. Just push that button and .

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